Monday, June 3, 2013

Salida Mountain Biking

Link to Salida Mountain Trails


Salida is a fast hour north of Crestone. I availed myself of a mountain biking clinic held by Absolute Bikes and went mountain biking on single track for the first time. Absolute Bikes features prominently, as does Salida, in the Ride the Divide film (see Netflix).

The mountain bikers of the town have put a lot of work in trail development. The maps above show the trail system which is right above the town and right below the town, really easy to get to.

If your a mountain biker and in the Crestone area, it is definitely worth checking out. A good base of operations is Absolute Bikes. The bikers working at Absolute Bikes know their stuff. They rent mountain bikes and will also provide guidance to the trails. Ask for Earl or Shawn.

Close to Absolute Bikes Is a pump track, which looks like a BMX track, or a track with moguls. You can go over there and practice mountain biking skills like pumping, turns, etc. in a safe way.


There is a place to eat or have a beer or coffee on the river right next to Absolute Bikes.

I haven't checked into it yet, but there are shuttles up to trails further up in the mountains, including access to the Divide Trail.


Find out about shuttles and the Monarch Crest trails here.


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